Optimized TV content management solution for an elevated guest experience over an IP-based infrastructure


  • Choose from user interfaces (UIs) to create a customized property portal
  • Deliver and manage guest messages efficiently with the Guest Message feature
  • Manage individual displays or groups of displays remotely
  • Monitor in-room TV network status easily from the monitoring menu of the SINC software
  • Communicate with the hotel property management system (PMS) through PMS Bridgeto offer convenient guest services through their in-room TVs
  • Create and deliver a customized channel list

Cater to patron viewing needs efficiently and cost-effectively

Today’s media- and tech-savvy hotel guests want access to a wide variety of entertainment, and to connect with people and content while away from home. Guests expect to use the hotel room’s displays to enjoy personal content such as videos, online information, movies and games. Premium hotels and resorts must keep pace with patrons’ expectations for in-room entertainment. With social, gaming and other Internet applications now accessible on larger displays, businesses can take advantage of this trend to delight patrons with new services. Already common in many venues, in-room TV access to guest services, information and checkout helps boost patron satisfaction and encourage return visits.

Therefore, Samsung has developed a content management solution, LYNK SINC 3.0. This solution enables property managers to effectively manage content from an IPTV, terrestrial satellite and the Web, and deliver information about their facilities, events, services and so on.

Provide custom viewing options without excessive equipment and labor cost

LYNK SINC 3.0 eliminates the need for a separate set-top box (STB), which helps simplify system configuration, reduce energy consumption and remove the clutter of the STB and related modems and cables. This simpler configuration also decreases the need for external labor for maintenance. The components needed to run LYNK SINC 3.0 are the software, compatible Samsung displays, a LAN cable and the operating desktop server for the installation of the SINC software. This simpler system implementation process reduces labor costs. Hotels save not only the money that would otherwise be spent on external labor, but also the money that would be spent on labor performed by current employees because of time saved.

Specify in-room viewing options based on group or patron type

Figure 1. LYNK SINC 3.0 enables communication with a hotel’s legacy system, such as a PMS, with in-room TV screens.

Configure in-room displays as information and entertainment hubs with a fully customizable UI

With LYNK SINC 3.0, hotels can provide guests with a variety of information in a display menu that’s been tailored made for their activities. The LYNK SINC 3.0 solution also offers the benefit of a customizable UI. This interface features a grid template in which each grid or conjoining grids can be populated with content that hotels would like to offer their guests. The new interface provides a more detailed grid-type layout that enables hotels to design unique, highly customized home screens that promote branding and impress guests. LYNK SINC 3.0 includes many different UI templates, enabling property managers to choose the one most suited to their needs. Using the templates, property managers can adjust the types and lists of displayed menus. Hotel managers can also customize the Hotel Smart TV Widgets, installed on room displays, with media files such as videos, music and images.

Figure 2. The LYNK SINC 3.0 UI enables full customization for creating a unique hotel identity.

Make guests feel at home with premium content and applications

Tailor guest room content to a particular group or event

LYNK SINC 3.0 helps property managers and technicians manage TV content using the SINC solution. Users can group guest rooms according to patron and event data. For example, a block of rooms used for a convention can be scheduled to receive pop-up messages alerting guests of a meeting time and location. Properties can also block specific content in some rooms, such as rooms with families.

LYNK SINC 3.0 reduces complexity in TV content management by providing:

  • Content based on room groups. Groups of guest rooms can be targeted to receive, or not receive, specific content.
  • TV and network management. Managers can perform specificactions, such as updating TV firmware remotely.
  • Channel management. Channel lists can be created and edited by genre, paid or free channels.

With the group management function, LYNK SINC 3.0 enables hotel display system operators to create and manage content groups, such as “convention attendees” or “families.” This functionality allows content delivery to a number of displays at one time, increasing productivity. Group management also enables hoteliers to provide customized services, such as group-specific announcementsor channel lists, to guests within each group. With these kind of personalized services, guests feel welcome and experience a greater level of convenience.

LYNK SINC 3.0 creates and lists different channels by genre, paid versus free or room grade. Customized channel listings can be deployedto individual rooms. For example, a child-friendly-only channel list can be created for a family.

Figure 3. Guests can enjoy a wide variety of Samsung SMART HUB Apps, while receiving hotel information on guest room TVs as well.

Figure 4. Hotels can organize guests into groups and manage the message, channel and content per different groups or even individual guests

Provide enhanced functionality via Samsung Smart Hub

LYNK SINC offers an improved guest experience, with access to IPTV and terrestrial satellite content, as well as a wide variety of Samsung SMART HUB-enabled web-based content. LYNK SINC also provides many benefits for hotel customers including an Information portal utilizing the Smart Hotel TV’s Smart Hub apps. The hotel safely installs and controls these apps with the added ability to add and delete guest credentials.

LYNK SINC is connected to Samsung SMART HUB, a gateway into a variety of web-based applications. Hotel IT managers also can create and upload specific applications, such as Twitter, Facebook or YouTube, on the Samsung SMART HUB to provide more customized hotel information and services. ID and PW required to access the usage record of SMART HUB Apps are all deleted automatically after guests check out at the hotel

Using LYNK SINC hotels can provide guests easy and immediate access to an assortment of useful information through their in-room displays. As a result, increased guest satisfaction can be achieved to ensure the greater likelihood of repeat business.

Make guests feel at home with premium content and applications

Enhance the guest experience with access to services and information

Using services enabled by LYNK SINC 3.0, hotel guests can enjoy a luxurious, entertaining stay with enhanced content based on their individual needs. Hotels can provide a specialized experience built around patrons’ schedules or purpose of visit.

For example, TVs in conventioneers’ rooms can display a custom UI and menu containing information specific to the convention. Event locations, meeting alerts and entertainment options catering to a topic of interest can be set up with little time or effort.

In addition, displays can provide guests with immediate access to local event and tourist information, available discounts and more. Plus, multiple languages are supported, providing a property the ability to cater to and communicate with global visitors.

With LYNK SINC, hospitality properties can offer:

Useful hotel information

Using customizable widgets, hoteliers can display useful information, such as room service, restaurant and spa menus. Guests canhave access to local information, such as traffic, maps and tourist attractions.

Weather information

Weather information can be provided free of charge from third-party service providers of the hotel’s choice. Weather reports are automatically updated, providing guest with the latest information for planning outdoor activities.

Timely flight information

Hotels can show on-screen airport flight information via a separate purchasing license key from third-party service providers. Availability of up-to-date flight information is a great benefit to guests who want to coordinate their checkout time with their flight departure.

Convenient messaging services

Hotels can provide real-time messages for a guest or a group based on guest information.

Figure 5. Guests have easy access to the useful information through their in-room displays.

Figure 6. In-room displays provide guests with current weather information so they can plan their day’s activities.

Figure 7. In-room displays provide guests with current weather information so they can plan their day’s activities.

Figure 8. Hotels can send event messages or urgent messages in real time for a person or group of guests based on needs and activities