Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification

Allows transfer of high bandwidth data over cable (RF)

DOCSIS (Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification) is a telecommunications standard that allows transfer of high bandwidth data via cable television (RF). This standard is used by many cable providers to offer Internet access via the existing network cable .

If you want to use an already existing network RF cable, the DOCSIS is the perfect model to meet your needs, you keep the installation costs very low (because it uses the already existing TV network). Combined with Samsung Hospitality TVs that support the DOCSIS standard, the upgrading and setting time of each television, reduced dramatically, since now it is not necessary to regulate each separate TV, room by room.

To make the transfer of data from the network to the RF coaxial cable, used a server CMTS (Cable Modem Termination System) which sends data to the TV. The Samsung Hospitality TVs are compatible with the DOCSIS standard feature built-in modem that can send informations back. Since the IP network connection to the RF network is done, now you can, with a Samsung LYNK SINC or LYNK REACH 4 server, have full control of all your hotel TVs from a central point.