IPTV Show at Heraklion Chamber of Commerce

IPTV & other technological applications in hotels and small accommodation

Our Company was established IPTV for Live View of the New Technology, and discover the new possibilities offered by the Hotel Television as Bridge Interface with PMS (Services Automation). As the Company participated in the event with Representative and Speaker Mario Saloustro. Presentation of the Event free download click here.

The event was organized by the Iraklion Chamber and the Union of Entrepreneurs Apartments and Rooms N. Heraklion “Hospitality”

On Wednesday, November 2, 2016, at 18.00 at Heraklion Chamber, Kastellakis room


The event’s program Illustration:

  • 18:00 Greetings, Manolis Alifierakis, President of Heraklion Chamber.
  • 18:15 Greetings, George Christodoulakis, President Union of Entrepreneurs Apartments and Rooms Heraclion “hospitality”.
  • 18:30 Application «Destination Crete Hotels» and Mobile applications John Charalampakis spokesman NovelTech.
  • 18:45 PMS communication bridge, communication reception (Fidelio program) with IPTV, Athanasios Kyriakopoulos, spokesman IKUSI Hellas.
  • 19:00 New Samsung technologies, IPTV communication over coax cable and Wi-Fi in the space of the room, Anthony Tsounakos, Samsung spokesman.
  • 19:15 Lynk SincLynk Reach, Saloustros Marios, spokesman MssElectronics

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