Automate and manage all TVs with a simple

to use interface that will connect the LYNK

solution with your PMS software


  • Automate LYNK routine operations such as Check-In and Check-Out which will be managed directly from PMS
  • Manage all TVs with a simple graphical interface
  • Client – Server operation offers scalability
  • Reporting and Event Logging

The PMS – LYNK Bridge’s purpose

The presence of a LYNK solution in a hotel is solely an enormous advantage and technological evolution for the hotel that successfully offers Hi-Tech information and services to its guests. LYNK offers great features like no other solution can offer.

In order for a LYNK Server to provide its maximum potentials a connection to the PMS software of the hotel should be made for the first to gain access in valuable information regarding rooms and guests, unlocking some really useful and innovative features and upgrading SINC to a truly automatic and interactive solution.

Such a connection is now possible using the Bridge solution that will take over the communication and protocols translation between PMS and SINC systems in order to communicate and work together enabling a LYNK Server to provide even more services and automate its management.

Furthermore, Bridge solution is not only a middleware between PMS and a LYNK Server but also an invaluable TV management and administration software capable of monitoring and notifying when a TV is malfunctioning but also a remote management tool that can communicate with TVs and send useful commands like Power On, Power Off, Send Message, Manage WiFi and more all these from a user friendly and sleek Graphical User Interface.

Automate LYNK routine operations

Bridge is a middleware between LYNK Server and PMS Server that will handle all communication between them.

Room states and multilingual project display

Installing a Bridge solution will automate the tasks Check-In and Check-Out, automatically handling all operations required for a successful Room – TV state change.

The fact that the reception is making these changes to PMS, this is enough for the solution to make all necessary operations in order for the whole system to be informed and ready to impress the guests.

Each time reception Checks a guest in, the corresponding TV of the specific room can light up (adjustable) and wait for its guest, welcoming him with his name and changing the project language to its preferred one.

On the other hand, when a Check-Out occurs, TV immediately powers off (adjustable), reducing energy bills and erasing all guest’s personal data (like facebook credentials) and changes the WiFi password to be prepared for the next guest.

Bridge is capable of sending commands to rooms (TVs) while the current TV state is easily visible.

Offer the ability to the guests to view their bill in real time

Another important feature that bridge offers is the ability of a guest to view his bill and current balance in real time, minimizing the time he will spend in reception in order to Check Out, resulting in minimizing discomfort of the guests and freeing time of the reception personnel while the guest has already seen his balance and items purchased offering him greater time to remember and better understand his past purchases.

Furthermore, guests have the ability to commit Express Checkout directly from their TV, which means that they have understood and accepted their shopped items and balance, so the time they will spend at reception will be minimum.

Manage and Administer all TVs with ease

Monitoring at a glance

With a beautiful and user friendly client software, the reception personnel, ITs or managers can easily make a conclusion of the overall status of the TVs in their hotel.

Locate malfunctioning and monitor TVs state

Hotel TVs are listed visually allowing the user easily, and in short time to inspect and understand whether a TV is lighted on, powered off, has network problems or wrong settings. Furthermore, visual aids makes it easy to realize if a TV is Checked-In/Out, WiFi Enabled or its Factory menu is locked/unlocked.

Manage TVs state

A great feature of the Bridge solution is the ability of controlling TVs by communicating with them and passing commands allowing operations like Power-On, Power-Off, Reboot, Manage WiFi, Send instant message, Change Volume, Change Channel, Lock and Unlock Factory Menu to be as difficult as 2 mouse clicks.

TVs WiFi Controller

The bridge’s ability to manage the TVs WiFi’s state is not limited in just turning On or Off the TV’s antenna but it is capable of controlling other aspects too, such as WiFi SSID, view password, change signal channel and change signal strength, these optimizations can allow the maximize of coverage while minimizing the electromagnetic interference resulting in better quality of service, all these are adequate of making each TV a reliable and adjustable WiFi antenna.

Visually listing makes it easy to monitor TVs

TVs state sorting brings to front issues like network failures

Detailed info displayed when a room is selected

Reporting and Exporting features